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Vertical Plate Saw

Item # LPS-60-T DEMO
Vertical Plate Saw, Demo

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Compact, longitudinal-cutting hydraulic drive vertical plate saw for the economic cutting of aluminum, low alloy, and high tensile profiles or solid materials with bi-metal or carbide-tipped saw blades.

 Maximum Width Capacity - 28.3" (.59" min.)
 Maximum Height Capacity - 23.6" (.39" min.)
 Maximum Length Capacity - 49.6"
Main Drive Motor, HP - 5.4 H.P. (Total H.P. approx. 13.4)
Infinitely variable cutting speed via program on DC Terminal - Cutting speed range from 55 to 393 FPM through frequency controlled motor. The cutting speed is entered and displayed on the Operators Control Panel.

Saw Blade Dimensions:
 17'9" X 1-1/2" X .050"

Machine Dimensions
 Length: 124" (10.3')
 Width: 99" (8.2)
 Height: 117" (9.7')